Fic Recs




A Series of Unfortunate Events


Mysterious Benedict Society

The Stonetown Sanctuary by thegreatkatewritingmachine. Gen. AO3. 2022.

The Baudelaire children, for extremely valid reasons, don't trust adults. They have no reason to think that Nicholas Benedict will prove to be any different. Mr. Benedict knows this, though, and he doesn't expect them to change their minds quickly. He only hopes that they like tea.

Welcome to Night Vale

The Secluded Station by alaulu. Podfic by KeeperofSeeds. Gen. AO3. 2017.

Ventriloquists roam the streets, dermatologists are searching for a new exhibition, and Cecil Palmer opens his door one evening to find three mysterious orphans.

Alice Isn't Dead

sarasvati sung me to sleep by serafinawitchwoman. Podfic by Shmaylor. Alice/Keisha. Angst. AO3. 2016.

Alice isn't dead. Alice has a radio. Alice hears everything.

Arcane: League of Legends

smell something burning, downwind, just a little ways by sashawire. Gen. TimeBomb. Angst. AO3. 2022.

Ekko, on being the last man standing.

Artemis Fowl


Alex Rider

hold me tight and fear me not by thealphaaxolotl. Alexmis. Romance. AO3. 2021.

Alex meets a stranger in the woods of Caterhaugh. A Tam Lin retelling.

Thank you for choosing the South Lambeth Starbucks by Elsinore_and_Inverness. Alexmis. Romance. AO3. 2022.

Two weeks ago Artemis Fowl had received word of a British Secret Service operation that was on course disrupt a certain part of the criminal underworld that heavily involved topsider fairies. Two weeks ago Artemis had held a conference call with Mulch Diggums and Minerva Paradizo, both engaged in smuggling in central Florida. Two weeks ago Artemis Fowl had taken a silver sharpie and written the name ‘Tyoma’—a Russian nickname for ‘Artemios’—on a name tag and clipped it to an apron.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Road To Yu Dao by chordatesrock. Gen. Teo & Toph. AO3. 2013.

Toph and Teo confront ableism and structural inequality in the Earth Kingdom, on their way to Yu Dao. And by "confront" I mean "smash through with all of Toph's usual subtlety".


Boy Meets World

Girl Meets World

it's just home by screamlet. Multivoice podfic. Cory/Shawn/Topanga. Domestic. AO3. 2014.

“Oh, there’s the catch,” Topanga said as she and Maya left their seats to follow Riley. “Sometimes you meet someone who you know you’ll spend the rest of your life with, and he has a best friend who you love just as much, and the two of them can watch sappy movies together while you meet your friends for drinks or read a book or do anything you want, really, and life is very good.” Maya nodded, but then asked, “Wait, what?”

Chronicles of Narnia

Dead Poets Society

meditations in an emergency by sam_txt. Gen. Jeff & Todd, Anderperry. AO3. 2023.

Todd considers his life in relation to Jeffrey, too. Good old Jeffrey Anderson. Does he have friends like Todd does, that read poetry to each other and run in the rain? Does he have a roommate at college that he whispers secrets to at night? Does he feel like Todd does: the same fear, desperation, dread? Of course not. Jeffrey is the good, normal son. The one who scales poetry on a graph and wears raincoats so he doesn't get sick and miss two days of classes, like Todd does. The son who sleeps at night and doesn't spend hours in the dark mulling over his feelings, because Jeffrey is normal and Todd is not.

Perchance to Dream by destroythemeek. Anderperry. Angst. AO3. 2005.

At night, curled up under school-issue sheets and blankets that barely block out the harsh New England winds whistling through the tiny crack between the window and the sill, Todd dreams of the future.

the jest without the smile by strikerbacks. Gen. Angst. AO3. 2015.

Memories gather dust in various places. On the top shelf of Neil's hall closet, tucked back behind a forest green blanket. In Knox's attic, where the kids can't reach. The bookshelves of Todd's office, displayed but never really seen. In Charlie's bedroom, two cigar boxes under his bed. Yearbooks, letters, photographs, drawings, scraps of poetry, and a thousand and one promises begging to be reopened.

there will be time, there will be time. by Prox. Anderperry. Angst. AO3. 2009.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. | Words are immortal and life is fleeting, that's what Keating teaches them.


Habits by HopefulSapphic. Rotten OT5. AO3. 2023.

Or the one where Ben is struck with the sudden realization that his partners are capable of incredible, deadly things and he's okay with it. Cue moral crisis.

you bruised the apple, you made it rot by Blue_Pluto. Rotten OT5. AO3. 2023.

The isle of the lost is not an okay place to live. It leaves scars, and those scars don’t disappear the second you’re somewhere else. A supposedly safer place, but what's safe supposed to mean to four teens who lived their whole lives in fear?


Marvel Cinematic Universe

We Were Wanderers by emeraldeire. Gen. AO3, UL. 2021.

Living in the same world—hell, living in the same country—as the Avengers affects Mal far less than an average person. The Avengers are the good guys, after all. Her? She’s just trying to run the Western Hemisphere’s criminal element without getting stabbed in the back.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Amanda Brotzman's Hollistic Phone Tree by anomalation. Gen, Drummerwolf, The Rowdy 3. AO3. 2019.

A few scenes from after the show. Featuring: the Rowdy crew in their new grey clothes, emotional honesty, and most importantly, Bart.

Hearts and Stars by strix_alba. Gen. AO3. 2018.

Alternatively: Todd and Amanda try to tell their parents about what they've been up to lately.

Protect Our Own by flightinflame. Gen. The Rowdy 3 & Dirk & Bart & Mona. AO3. 2020.

Martin doesn't like feeding on the kids his brother brings, but if it's that or letting Vogel starve - well. The Rowdies come first. And then the breakout happens, and he realises that he can't leave behind children who need help, even if that means he'll have to change his views on who his family is, and what matters.

Safe Spaces, the Pleasure Principle, and Other Lies From the Chaise Longue by tempestandtea. Brotzly. AO3. 2023.

In which Dirk drags Todd to therapy undercover for a case as "business partners" (definitely not anything else), Farah's not sure that's a real thing, and Todd doesn't know enough about therapy to argue either way. What could go wrong?

Doctor Who

Classic Who

changeling child by vienna_salvatori. Gen. Outsider POV. AO3. 2021.

There is something very, very wrong with Susan Foreman.

Modern Who

getting up and getting down by cosmicocean. Gen. Jack & Thirteen. H/C. AO3. 2020.

A good old fashioned prison break, a serious talk about feelings, and a discussion of coolness and a lack thereof.

One Long Starless Night, Two Old Soldiers Met at a Crossroads by heddychaa. Gen. Jack & Rory, Ponds. AO3. 2010.

Rory receives an unlikely visitor: a man both like him and not. Someone makes a promise they could never keep. But for a little while, anyway, things aren't quite so lonely. A story in four parts.

out of the mountains (down to the riptide) by unknown. Poetry. Ponds. AO3. 2014.

still most nights you dream about her bright eyes and of sunsets in the mountains; you always did have a weakness for shiny things and broken people

The Pond Continuum by kaydeefalls. Ponds. AO3. 2013.

Five people who have never heard of the Ponds (but might have met them anyway), and one who has.

This Is Tomorrow and the Getaway Driver Remix by Glinda and Netgirl_y2k. Podfic by sophinisba. Christina/Donna. AO3. 2010.

Donna works for an art thief with a name like a brand of tequila, but Christina has a flying bus and tolerates her occasional Mad Scientist moments, so it's not all bad.

until i'm nothing but bones in the ground by smallblueandloud. Gen. Martha & Mickey & Thirteen. AO3. 2012.

“And of course, Mickey,” she says, trying to look casual and failing utterly, “you already know the Doctor.” (or, the tardis tricks thirteen into confronting her past and everybody has some chats)

Sarah Jane Adventures

Smith and Jones by written_notes. Luke/Santiago. Romance. AO3. 2015.

The evolution of friendship between Luke Smith and Santiago Jones from Ealing to Oxford to all of time and space.

The Art of Experimenting With Toast by TheGuardianAngel. Gen. Luke & Sarah Jane. Domestic. AO3. 2022.

Most thirteen year old boys know how to work a toaster. But in the early days of raising Luke, Sarah Jane has to teach him all about things that would seem otherwise normal to every other thirteen year old boy.


I Am Not My Own by methylethyl. Janto. Angst. AO3. 2012.

"Torchwood's disability pay is about this big--" Ianto held up his thumb and index finger, about two centimeters apart. "--and comes out of a gun at a thousand meters per second." [Or, the fic in which Ianto bleeds everywhere all the time.]

Sunset by silver_penny. Gen. Casefic. AO3. 2021.

When Andy Davidson stumbles onto a Torchwood investigation, he really does try to walk away. But it’s not long before he and Owen find themselves knees-deep in a mystery involving an empty housing development, a malfunctioning electric system, flying kitchen appliances, and really far too many skeletons for a Tuesday afternoon.

Big Finish Productions

The Security Guard, The Scholar, And The Giant Stone Cube<_a> by swnamii. Gen. AO3. 2021.

Rory's been working at the National Museum as a security guard for years. Helen's a relatively new language scholar. Both of them have a shared interest in the Pandorica. It gets them talking. Through the years, a friendship forms.


Harry Potter

De-Aged by The Bibliomaniac. Gen. Eleven & Jack. Epic. FFN. 2013 - 2019.

The Doctor and Jack are de-aged to 11-year-olds and enroll in Hogwarts, at the time of the events of The Prisoner of Azkaban, while they search for a cure to return to their true age. The Doctor gets into Gryffindor, Jack is sorted into Slytherin.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Amaranth and Ivy by copperbadge. Podfic by reena_jenkins. Gen. Clintasha, Janto, Stucky. 5 + 1. AO3. 2013.

Sequel to Golden Apples and Norse Gods. Five times Ianto surprised the Avengers, and one time they surprised him.

Handler by copperbadge. Podfic by reena_jenkins. Gen. AO3. 2012.

"There are some staff changes going on at SHIELD."

Mrs and Mr Pond by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel. Gen. Ponds. AO3, WB. 2013.

Agent Coulson and a couple of the Avengers are sent to pick up a pair of civilians to act as consultants in a matter SHIELD is currently investigating. Things don't go exactly as they expect.

Strike Team Pond (the lost in time remix) by purple_cube. Gen. Ponds. AO3. 2014.

Amy and Rory find themselves on SHIELD's radar not once, but twice.

The Boy Who Waited by Lunik. Gen. Ponds. Amnesia. AO3. 2012.

In a world without stars, the Last Centurion loses the Pandorica, loses his charge and loses his mind. SHIELD takes a chance on hiring a mysterious amnesiac man, and Agent Coulson finds that Rory Williams is the best damn secretary he's ever had.

White Collar

Proving a Negative by Zeborah. Gen. Ponds. AO3. 2012.

Neal and Peter are investigating the theft of a van Gogh; Amy and Rory are doing the tourist thing on the way to Lake Silencio. When Amy turns out to know a little too much about the stolen painting, Neal can hardly be blamed for getting the wrong impression....


Auld Lang Syne by shewhowritestoomuch. Alex/Gibson/Tommy. AO3. 2018.

There is a universe where things go a little differently, people are a little kinder, and the world is a little softer despite the bombs going off in the distance. And in this universe, people who should have made it to a happy ending actually get what they deserve.


Diary of a Teenage Rebel by flibbertygigget. Gen. AO3. 2019.

The first time Jason's arrested is when he's fourteen. Or: So it's 1983, and Jason's neck-deep in AIDS activism. Trina's scared, Marvin's sick, and Mendel tries to keep it together.

The Confusion of Ms. Johnson by jemscarter. Gen. Jason & Marvin & Mendel & Whizzer. Outsider POV. AO3. 2017.

Ms. Johnson didn't think she had to ask which of Jason's fathers she was getting when she called home, but apparently, she did. (Or, Jason's teacher is confused as different men keep coming to pick him up saying they're Jason's father.)


Stranger Things

Knowing Better by stardustandswimmingpools. Gen. Jason & Will. AO3. 2017.

Jason pauses. “Gay,” he says slowly. “You're gay. Aren't you?”

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Roaring Twenties by nbfutureboy. FBDOT3. AO3. 2023.

As with everything, it starts with a phone call. On a perfectly ordinary work day, Cameron is dragged into the urban Chicago wilderness by his two best friends - and brunch quickly turns into a panicked, gleeful adventure. (For Ferris, anyway.)

Fullmetal Alchemist

requiring creative solutions by Kastaborous. Gen. Humor. AO3. 2022.

Edward Elric regularly lost his artificial limbs, in fights more often than not. This often necessitated creative solutions to problems, a ‘think outside the box’ mentality as it were. Or, perhaps more correctly, a ‘transmute this box into a cannon to explode my opponents’ mentality. Or, some soldiers decide to prank Ed by stealing his spare automail. He does not have spare automail. He shows them exactly why he is to be feared regardless of the number of limbs on his person.

allegory by Kastaborous. Gen. AO3. 2022.

In which Ed and friends find out the consequences of seeing Beyond the Gate so many times, and dimensions start to bleed together.


Harry Potter

he's a killer queen, sunflower, guillotine by hoye. Gen. Epic. AO3. 2022.

He has to be the weirdest Hufflepuff Harry’s ever seen. Scratch that, he’s the weirdest Hufflepuff Hogwarts has ever seen.

Hits Fall in Staccato by BattleAngel. Gen. AO3. 2021.

Edward Elric bodyshares with an eldritch horror and reluctantly agrees to teach alchemy to ickle snot-nosed wizards. Naturally, it's a disaster.

Magic and Mind by Preelikeswriting. Gen. Epic. AO3. 2018.

Of all things Edward was prepared for as the day of reckoning grew near, being transported from one world on the edge of war to another was not one of them. AKA: Edward gets accidentally summoned by Death Eaters, and neither party is happy.

Sorcery and Sigils by Preelikeswriting. Gen. Draco/Ed. Epic. AO3. 2019.

The Wizarding War has begun, and all Ed wants is to go home. However, with Hogwarts, Death Eaters, and questionable morals from almost everyone involved, things are... a bit more complicated than expected.

Thaumaturgical Studies by liketolaugh. Gen. AO3. 2023.

Two years after Tom Riddle's diary comes into his possession, Dumbledore is almost certain that it is a horcrux. All he needs is independent confirmation - which is, unfortunately, very difficult to find when dealing with such advanced magic. Luckily, Edward Elric is a genius, an alchemist, and especially, a specialist in human transmutation.

The Truth Will Out (and you will pay your dues) by asthmaticbee. Gen. Blaise/Ed. AO3. 2023.

When Edward Elric uses alchemy to save his own life in a collapsed mine shaft, Truth drags him before the Gate and makes him an offer he cannot refuse. He still resents the fact Truth grouped him with thirteen years old wizards in a magic school, though.

Time and Transmutations by Preelikeswritings. Gen. Draco/Ed. Epic. AO3. 2019 - 2023.

Time is running out for Ed to return home to Amestris, but in order to get back, there are some things he needs to do first. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts Ed's decided that he actually likes people here and doesn't want to see them all killed. Caught between his loyalty to both worlds, the days are slipping away.

Good Omens

it's the light (it's the obstacle that casts it) by bibliocratic. Podfic by semperfiona. Ineffable Spouses. AO3. 2019.

It's like having a curtain pulled back on something he wasn't expecting to see. A surprise punch-and-judy at an up-scale restaurant, a lobster thermidor when he's ordered an ale. Crowley's gleefully trying to wrap his head around the fact that Aziraphale is speaking Polari. Because of course he is.

Moss on a Riverbed by cheerios_and_wine. Ineffable Spouses. Domestic. AO3. 2022.

"Aziraphale," Aziraphale heard Crowley's voice, sounding as hungover as he'd ever been, coming from the hallway before he saw the demon enter the kitchen, "Did you fuck my date last night?"

Muriel Does a Fantastic Job! by wanttobeatree. Gen, Ineffable Spouses. AO3. 2023.

Muriel is doing a fantastic job! Muriel is having a wonderful time! Muriel is hard at work running A.Z. Fell and Co and will maybe get a commendation for doing such a good job! But it would be easier if Crowley would stop coming round and knocking things over.

So Much to be Consoled as to Console by Arokel. Gen. Ineffable Spouses. AO3. 2020.

A series of lost souls over the centuries who prayed, whether they knew it or not, to the Angel Aziraphale.

The Official Mr Fell Quarantine Thread by argentconflagration. Podfic by greedy_dancer. Ineffable Spouses. Social Media. AO3. 2019.

It is with an exasperated sigh that I introduce you to an official thread for this guy. We've discussed it and we've decided that this is the only way we can stop you guys from derailing threads to complain about this guy. By mod decree, all Mr Fell complaining, griping, bitching, grousing, and miscellaneous butthurt now belongs in THIS THREAD AND THIS THREAD ONLY.

The Secret Agent Gossip Ring Of St. James's Park by AnonymousDandelion. Ineffable Spouses. Outsider POV. AO3. 2023.

For as long as anyone can remember, secret agents have been feeding the ducks and holding clandestine meetings at St. James's Park. Naturally, secret agents gossip. And naturally, there is one particularly odd pair at the park about whom the secret agent gossip ring can't help but speculate. Their code names are Sunglasses and Tartan.

Harry Potter

The Stars Are Our Allies (And We'll Go Down Blazing) by DashFnanz. Gen, Deamus. AO3. 2021.

Another day, another night, another plan set in motion. The resistance is recruiting. The resistance stands strong. Dumbledore's Army is ready.

Fantastic Beasts

Learn and Adapt by AkitaFallow. Gen. AO3. 2016.

The problem with people is that they're not like creatures. People expect you to stand up straight and walk easily through crowded places and share space like it's at a premium wherever you go. People expect you to speak quickly, move slowly, and always, always look them in the eye. People expect you to lie. To cheat. To change. Newt has never understood it, doesn't think he ever will, and that's probably why he's always felt that beasts make a little (a lot) more sense than people do.


Chronicles of Narnia

Between by Phantomato. Edmund/Tom. AO3, UL. 2022.

Edmund Pevensie, seeking Narnia, digs up the enchanted rings that move a person between worlds. He becomes a nuisance to fifth-year Tom Riddle, and in so doing, changes the course of Tom’s life.

His Dark Materials

After the Garden by silveryink. Gen. AO3. 2021.

Will wonders what to do with his knife, now that he has no more use for it.

I'll stay half away (and I guess that it'll do) by beauregret. Parracqua. AO3. 2021.

At midday on Midsummer's Day, Will Parry sits on the left side of the bench at the back of the Botanic Gardens.

novaturient by crowstyping. Gen. Will & Lyra. AO3. 2020.

The life of Lyra "Silvertongue" Belacqua after her destiny was fulfilled as told in a collection of moments... leading to the realisation that while she loved she was never in love, and that is okay.

Passing by Skylark. Parracqua. Angst. AO3. 2010.

As the years pass, they find ways to cope with a love that's always out of reach.

Why We Tell Our Stories: An Introduction to the New Oxford Universal Collection of Folktales, Dreamings, and Myths, by Doctor Constance Nine by novembersmith. Podfic by winkingstar. Fairytale. AO3. 2011.

The fairy tale, "Lyra and the Harpy with No Name," is only a small sequence within the well-known mythic arc, The Thousand Garden Cycle.


Chronicles of Narnia

Midsummer / Midwinter by MissWoodhouse. Gen. AO3. 2018.

If a bench exists in two worlds, why not more? On Midsummer’s Day, on a bench, in a garden, a girl and a boy sit together, worlds apart...

The Ivory Horn by kaydeefalls. Podfic by codeswitch. Gen. AO3. 2007.

If there's a way back out of this world, Will is determined to find it. At any cost.

How To Train Your Dragon

what you're looking for by JustJumpin. Gen. AO3. 2022.

Hiccup is different from the others. It's always been true, for better or for worse, but this time feels for some reason. More important.

Julie and the Phantoms

Electric Boogaloo by sovvannight. Gen. Juke, Willex. AO3. 2023.

Picking up about 10 minutes after the season 1 finale, the boys walk in on the Molinas hosting a few guests for breakfast. At a band meeting after breakfast, they test the limits of Julie's new ability to touch them. (Season 2 Speculation.)

far away from hurt is where healing occurs by ChickWithThePurpleGuitar. Gen. AO3. 2021.

Julie hesitates just long enough for Ray to cycle through a nice long list of worst case scenarios. She doesn’t look particularly upset, though, or hurt in any way. If anything, she just looks… nervous. And yet, Ray can see Carlos bouncing on the balls of his feet in the hallway behind her, grinning like he’s standing in line to turn in his winning lottery ticket. It sets off a different kind of red flag in Ray’s head, because there are very few scenarios in which Carlos is happy about something that makes Julie nervous, and none of them are any good.

Keeper of the Lost Cities

there is happiness (leave it all behind) by uni_seahorse_572. Gen. Domestic. AO3. 2021.

There is no right way to love. There's a hundred different ones. In which a family can just be a Marella and her wife and her wife's twin and the twin's queerplatonic mallowfriend and his mallowfriend's girlfriend and her girlfriend's boyfriend and her boyfriend's best friend and his best friend's boyfriend.

Lab Rats

Evasive by EmeraldTulip. Gen. Angst. FFN. 2016.

For all the times Marcus evaded true death (or death evaded him), there was that one time he wished he hadn't.


Angelitos Perdidos by HiroMyStory. Gen. Ella & Lucifer. AO3. 2020.

Día de los Inocentes meant the world to Ella Lopez after she nearly died as a child. But, after all the bad things, she's lost her faith, and so she's not psyched when her brother Jay shows up to celebrate. Lucifer seems like a perfect buffer, but she ends up learning more than she expects about her friend.



Colored Crimson in My Eyes by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee. Gen. Lucifer & Matt. AO3. 2016.

When Grandma Murdock said the Murdock boys had the devil in their blood, she was being literal. Chloe has a conference in New York City and Lucifer decides to drop in on his favorite relative.

Two Devils by Eledhwen. Gen. Lucifer & Matt. AO3. 2021.

Matt turns around and stands up to face the man, trying to get a better sense of him. He smells expensive cologne, silk tie and shirt, a high-quality light woollen suit – the sort of clothes the more senior partners at Landman & Zack used to wear. Expensive clothes. Not the clothing of the type of people who would normally turn up on a Manhattan rooftop at midnight on a summer’s evening.



all our dead, unfinished selves by schweet_heart. Merthur. Angst. AO3. 2022.

“You killed me once, Arthur,” he says, soft. “Can you do it again?”

Awakening by dead_succulent. Gen. AO3. 2021.

Merlin's bones don't feel like they fit. His magic is spilling out the edges. He can't sleep. There are foxes in the night, nipping at his heels. “I’m afraid you are close to waking, young Emrys.”

Next to You (It's the Rule) by LunaMyLove. Merthur. AO3. 2023.

Arthur and Merlin's relationship as witnessed and explained by others. Five times someone realizes that Merlin is the Queen, one time Merlin realizes it himself, and one time he owns it.

the body is not an apology by schweet_heart. Merthur. AO3. 2022.

The first time Merlin dies, he almost takes Arthur with him.


Harry Potter

Merlin and Arthur tag along with Harry Potter (and the Philosopher's Stone) by SnufflesThePig. Gen. Merthur, Drarry. AO3. 2021.

Merlin and Arthur take note the night Harry Potter cheats death (the first time). When the boy turns 11, they decide it's high time they went back to Hogwarts.

Professor Emrys and the Order of the Phoenix by SnufflesThePig. Gen. Merthur. AO3. 2022.

Merlin thought he could just let everyone else handle this Riddle upstart. Apparently he expects too much. Well, it’s gotten this far. He might as well jump in now and minimize the damage of this inevitable train wreck.

Mysterious Benedict Society

Achilles Come Down by shnuffleluv. Gen. Epic. AO3. 2023.

SQ isn't alone in his head. This he's known for a while. But what happens when his father causes a new alter to split, right before his uncle finds them?

Black-Out Poetry in Reverse by shnuffleluv. Gen. Constance & SQ. AO3. 2022.

SQ struggles with his words. Constance proves that he doesn't have to.

Daily Routine by Molly_Hats. Gen. AO3. 2023.

Every day, she could walk out the door and not come back. Every day she decided not to.


BUILT ON HOPE: THE REBELLION SERIES by Rehearsal_Dweller. Gen. Javid. Adventure. AO3. 2023.

Sometimes the Force is about reaching out into the Universe and saying someone, please, help me, and having the Universe reach back.

do you remember me (tell me you remember me) by Rehearsal_Dweller. Gen. Les & Spot. AO3. 2023.

The odd thing about Les No-Longer-Jacobs is that Les remembers his last life on this earth just as vividly as the one he’s living now. He has always remembered.

Eldritch Horrors in Parenting by vivalabandoms. Javid, Sprace. AO3. 2020.

"Soul Promises are legally binding in our world. You both made Ms. Plumber a promise, and you are required to follow through with her wishes. Final ruling: custody of Isabelle Plumber goes to both Jack Kelly and Spot Conlon." in which jack (wizard) and spot (demon) have to raise a human child in their supernatural modern world.

Heart on the Trigger by WritingToKeepMySanity. Jatherine. AO3. 2018.

AU where the strike never happened, the Newsies never met Katherine, and Jack joins one of the most dangerous gangs in Manhattan.

it's so easy (too easy) to love you by LiveSincerely. Javid. AO3. 2020.

He gives Charlie one last pat on the shoulder and cuffs Tony lightly across the back of the head in a slightly rougher, but no less affectionate goodbye, which is per usual. Then he turns to Davey, tips his chin up, and kisses him right on the mouth, short and sweet. “Lock the door behind me and don’t forget to—” Jack stops mid-sentence, then turns bright red.

keep the earth below my feet by scarlettroses. Gen. AO3. 2023.

“Where the hell are you going, huh?” Jack demands, a fire in his eyes that’s almost genuinely intimidating. “Ain’t no way you’re headed to Sharkey Athletic Club, is there?” Race feels himself go pale. Jack wasn’t supposed to know about that.

Newsies Everlasting by LonelyThursday. Gen. AO3. 2022.

Immortality is not all it's cracked up to be, and Spot has to watch the heavy hands of time wear down on his friends. Only he and his family are immune.

On the Lamb by Beth_Harker. Gen. AO3. 2013.

On a rainy day in Manhattan, eight newsies, led by David Jacobs, attempt to make lamb soup. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan.

Ready As I'll Ever Be by SilverCrane. Gen. AO3. 2019.

Selfish. Conceited. Arrogant. If someone were to ask Katherine Ethel Pulitzer to describe her father, those would be the words she would use. But he's also her father, which is why when he asks her to go undercover to root out a gang of rebels in the city, she doesn't hesitate. But the rebels are nothing like what her father said, and try as she might, she can't help them from growing on her.

strike and i'm thunder (with lightning fast reflexes) by junoesqueset. Javid. AO3. 2022.

Davey's (ex)boyfriend makes a big mistake. Jack and the others beat him up. Davey approves of this.

Our Flag Means Death

and there goes my life by TrekFaerie. Gen. AO3. 2022.

In the future, divorced fathers will attempt to impress their teenage daughters by taking them to theme parks and boy band concerts. But, the year is 1722, and Alma Bonnet’s father is a pirate.

you should be happy now by waveridden. Podfic by sophinisba. Gen. Ed & Mary, Mary & Stede, Ed/Stede. AO3. 2022.

In a way, Mary supposes she’s lucky that it only takes one day for the pirates to attack her ship. (Blackbeard takes a hostage, Mary takes some risks, and Stede takes everyone by surprise.)

Rick Riordan

MISSING: Tales From the Life of a Private Investigator by StopIWantToTalkAboutCheese. Gen. Outsider POV. AO3. 2022.

Chronicling the (non-linear) adventures of a PI who a) has the worst luck of all time, b) keeps getting impossible-to-solve cases, and c) has no idea that he can semi-see through the Mist.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world? by AspenRoman. Ruegard. Angst. AO3. 2022.

clarisse sees red -- red coating her hands, red in the edges of her vision, red splattered against her armor, and unleashes her fury. (or, silena dies, and the silena who comes back isn't the same one that clarisse lost)

no more sad songs by beepbedeep. Ruegard. Angst. AO3. 2021.

They didn’t get their happy ending, Silena is remembered as a solo hero, a broken girl who died for a boy. Clarisse, and Clarisse alone, will remember her spitfire bravery and dark eyes first thing in the morning, the way she had begged Clarisse to fight with their friends, you won’t be able to live with yourself after. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t love you.

She Does by Grabi Hands. Ruegard. Romance. LJ. 2010.

She says 'I don't want this' but she does, she does, she does.

Heroes of Olympus

Are you SURE the son of Neptune wasn't raised by wolves? by IzzyMRDB. Gen. Lupa & Percy. Humor. AO3. 2020.

Lupa deals with Feral! Percy when Juno drops him off at the wolfhouse.

don’t go there cause you’ll never return by Azure_Allumiia. Solangelo. Humor. AO3. 2021.

nico and will become gods. accidentally, of course.

fortune favors the brave by ughdomenico. Gen. Angst. AO3. 2021.

Jason doesn’t know when he first marched into combat. Sometimes, it feels like he’s been doing it before he could even speak. Someone took him out of his own hands when he was young, broke all his bones and remade them into something to only ever be admired from afar.

nekrodegmôn by ughdomenico. Gen. AO3. 2021.

In a weird, quiet way, Nico di Angelo’s heart stops finally on the eve of his sixteenth birthday. The disappearing is not a death, but it’s not a rebirth, either.

in the murder scene (this is how we like to do it) by ughdomenico. Solangelo. Violence. AO3. 2022.

Nico’s fucked up. So is Will; They really do bring out the worst in each other - but a murder isn’t made in an afternoon. It actually takes a lifetime.

quarantine sucks (especially if you're neurodivergent) by immolationfox. Gen. Percabeth. Quarantine. AO3. 2021.

Percy fiddled with the knitting needles and then inspected some of the balls of yarn. Then he sighed and slumped in his couch castle and let his head sag against the back of the couch. All the windows were wide open, letting in the March breeze and the smell of the flowers Sally had planted in window baskets. Percy foresaw more flowers joining them on the fire escape until it was virtually useless.He was going to lose his mind.

Trials of Apollo

i could be your hero by sundaysabatoge. Gen. AO3. 2020.

Based on a tumblr post I made about Nico being the obvious choice as Camp Half-Blood's unofficial leader when Percy leaves for college. (only no one bothers to tell Nico that)


Harry Potter

Just Like You (I Want a Break) by Deerlie_03. Gen. AO3. 2023.

Percy, Nico and Jason have been sent to Hogwarts because the gods hate them apparently, and Hecate is in need of help, it's just a shame the kid they're sent to protect is so against letting them help him. How do you help someone who doesn't want you to? Especially when they may as well be a ticking time bomb?

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Harley. Like the Motorcycle. by Variscite. Gen. Harley & Tony. AO3. 2022.

Our favorite bloodthirsty child of Hephaestus visits home for Christmas, thanks to his big brother's special phones that mask demigod scents. Unfortunately (or fortunately, he was getting a little bored) he wakes up in the middle of the night and finds a strange man using needle-nose pliers to fish around in a gash on his arm.

in case of a manhunt, please contact... by Dusana. Gen. Percabeth, MJ/Peter. AO3. 2021.

“Not that I mind, but I was kidding when I offered to hide you from a manhunt,” are the first words out of Percy’s mouth when he opens the window to allow Peter and MJ inside.

Shadow and Bone(s) by Variscite. Gen. Nico & Tony. AO3. 2022.

Basically, a sleep-deprived middle-aged genius with PTSD and a teenager who communes with the dead vs. a terrorist and people who blow up sometimes.

When Harley Says Connected, He Really Does Mean It by feeling_the_aster_9145. Gen. Harley & Tony. AO3. 2022.

In which, on a cold December day, Harley catches Tony Stark in his shed and decides to be a meddlesome little shit.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir

Miraculous Ladybug and the Olympians by WaltzoftheWifi. Gen. AO3. 2022.

Lacy wouldn't call herself a coward, but she's never been a hero, either. She keeps her head down around bullies, has never trained with a weapon, and reluctantly abandons her life in Brooklyn when it gets too dangerous. But in Paris, her new friends are encouraging her to be braver than she ever has before. As much as she wants to stay away from the akuma attacks, keep Chloe's and Lila's wrath off of her, and keep away from any meeting with the heroes. Lacy finds herself standing up for others - and herself - in ways she never thought she could. Ladybug and Chat Noir need more teammates, and Marinette's been watching Lacy grow in her confidence. And Lacy's abilities might be exactly what she's looking for.


Crushed Bone and Blood-Mottled Feathers by Benny_IsA_Dog. Gen. Alex & Dream. Horror. AO3. 2022.

The creature haunts Alexander Burgess's dreams countless times after it crashes to the floor in the basement. Often, the creature grabs him as he reaches over the circle for the pouch in its hand, pulls him inside the dark sockets of its helmet. That nightmare repeats itself often.

Mystery Affliction by ramenexplo. Gen. Angst. AO3. 2022.

Dream goes on his quest for his tools, all while trying to handle his trauma.

Stars fading but I linger on by debit. Gen. Corinthian & Jed. Horror. AO3. 2022.

“You never said where we’re going,” Jed says.

the way across this cracking ice by madnessiseverything. Gen. Alex & Dream. AO3. 2022.

When Alex looks up from his father’s slack face—with bloodied hands and stumbling feet—there are spiderweb cracks spread out across the glass of the cage.

Will D & Robbie G (and Dream) by equus8. Gen. Dreamling. Outsider POV. Domestic. AO3. 2022.

Will needed a roommate, and at 450£ a month, he'd stay with Robbie Glad despite the man's cryptic warnings about his "weird" friend-with-benefits situation.

Star Wars

Original Trilogy

How To Give A Presentation To The Imperial Court While Accidentally Committing Light Treason By Making A Friend by Jackdaw_Kraii. AO3. 2020.

After getting summoned to the Imperial Palace by the Emperor to present his latest invention to the Court and the Senate, Luke finds himself smackdab in the middle of a complicated web of Imperial politics, the threads of which he can't yet see.

How To Reinvent The Stormtrooper Armor To Make Your Surrogate Father Proud And Shut The Naysayers Up For Fun And Profit by Jackdaw_Kraii. AO3. 2020.

Instead of Luke inadvertently revealing to his anonymous holonet friend that his last name is Skywalker, thus revealing himself as the son of said holonet friend (yes, Darth Vader has a Space Twitter), he keeps mum and instead takes on Vader's job offer, becoming the new Head Engineer aboard the Executor, alias, the Lady. While he's thrilled to be there, thriving on getting to improve the lackluster hardware that gets shunted onto the rank-and-file of the Empire and building up a rapport with the mysterious Sith Lord who is fast becoming the father figure he never had, not everyone aboard is as happy about the young engineer shaking up the previously well-cemented hierarchy of the Lady.

Prince of Legend by FoiblePNoteworthy. AO3. 2022.

Tarkin is delighted to find Vader a new lease on life in the form of his son, a simple moisture farmer with absolutely nothing else going on beneath the surface.

The Mandalorian

listen, there's a hell of a universe next door by storm_petrel. Dinluke. AO3. 2021.

Luke Skywalker solves a number of life-or-death problems, makes some new friends, falls abruptly in love, and gets shot into space, all in the same day.

with your crooked heart by storm_petrel. Dinluke. AO3. 2023.

Din Djarin stages a rescue, makes a dad catch, falls abruptly in love and is awake for too damn long, all in the same day.

Stranger Things


fatherhood by thegirlwithmanynames. Gen. Castiel & Claire & Jack. H/C. AO3. 2022.

It’s been a long time since Claire Novak had parents. That’s just the way the world works; some kids grow up in a loving family, spoiled by mommy and daddy until their teeth rot out of their skulls, and some kids’ moms and dads get creatively murdered by feathery jackasses of the Lord. Nothing to see here - life goes on, and the world keeps slowly turning.

interregnum by goodbyechunkylemonmilk. Gen. Adam & Sam, Midam. Angst. AO3. 2022. Review pending.

Instead of looking horrified and apologetic, Sam gazes down at the knife tenderly. “This was Dean’s favorite knife,“ he says, picking it up and holding it with both hands like it’s something precious. His eyes glisten. Adam doesn't groan because he isn't an asshole, but it's a near thing.

Making Death for Strangers by caspock. Gen. Castiel & Claire & Dean & Jack, Destiel. Angst. AO3. 2022.

He's nothingness, Claire thinks in horror. He’s consuming everything that touches him, and he’s turning it all to nothing. Castiel retreats within the confines of his body, and he curls one hand into a loose fist. He says nothing.

Mary Winchester, Lesbian at Large by high_queen. Gen. Destiel. AO3. 2022.

Mary Winchester is a lesbian. She has no idea how to tell her children.

Meat by idlebuzzkill. Gen. AO3. 2021.

"Why don't you eat meat anymore?" Because all meat is the same to me now. And I can't stomach it. Just Sam taking the time to assess his motives and acknowledge his trauma in a healthy and safe environment.

On the Topic of Librarians by goldenhand9107. Gen. Outsider POV. AO3. 2022.

Some people learn about the supernatural, and decide to run screaming in the other direction; these folks are the most sensible and will likely live past their fiftieth birthday. Some people learn about the supernatural and choose to take up the fight, defend the world from the things that go bump in the night; these are the folks people like to hear stories about. And one person in particular learns about the supernatural, and goes "Okay, but who's keeping track of all this information? Someone has to, right?"

stars & dots by piesexuality. Gen. Destiel. Outsider POV. AO3. 2021.

The thing is that Jack is a good student. A great student, even. As the school counselor, Vera’s been trying to make sense of it on her own for awhile. He's such a nice boy, but his behavior is off-putting in a way she can't quite put her finger on. She hates having to bring parents into the equation, but with Jack, she’s reached the point where there’s simply nothing else she can do.

The Average Lifespan of a Western Honeybee by gorgeouschaos. Gen. Castiel & Dean & Sam. AO3. 2020.

Time moves faster in Purgatory. Cas measures time in the lifespans of bees.

The Gas-N-Sip on Route 36 by MCUsic_to_my_ears. Gen. Outsider POV. AO3. 2021.

Jack is a regular at the Gas-N-Sip near the bunker. His parents, however, are not. Or, five times Jack was accompanied by a new guardian to the Gas-N-Sip and the one time they all came.

the past is made of stardust (the future's shifting sand) by anonymous. Midam. AO3. 2022.

Adam knew he had to look ridiculous. Before, they’d seen him while he still had an archangel maintaining his body, but after the last day and a half? He was sweaty and sunburnt and dehydrated and he could almost feel the bags under his eyes. But another gift of the Cage was losing the ability to give a fuck what he looked like. “Michael isn't home right now,” Adam said. “And I’d like to know why.”

The Wheels On The Bus by inkteacup. Gen. Adam & Belphegor & Jack & Michael. Epic. AO3, UL. 2020.

Four boys with a rough understanding of how narratives work attempt to figure out how to derail an entire universe's storyline.

these fragile paper houses by DalekQueen7. Gen. Dean & Sam. H/C. AO3. 2021.

Most days, Sam functioned.


Harry Potter

A Hunter and a Metamorphmagus Walk (Are Abducted) Into a Dungeon by bookjoyworm. Gen. Adventure. AO3. 2018 - 2023.

In which Harry Potter and Supernatural are thrown together because of the Men of Letters' general assholery.

The Hunger Games

Demon!Dean in Panem by Shanza. Gen. AO3. 2023.

Just a series of one-shots considering what might occur demon Dean (well, my version, at least) was living in Panem.

Tamora Piere


And Share Alike by Artifiction. Fulgurite. AO3. 2020.

Briar has always had a bad habit of borrowing things without asking.

In Mint Condition by Ghostinthehouse. Briar & Tris. AO3. 2021.

Tris had been the one who taught him to read in the first place, and in doing so had opened up the world of books to him. Briar had wanted to return the favour, but he couldn't just sit by her bedside and read to her. He had his own duties and tasks to deal with.

Masquerade by ivyspinners. Gen. Briar & Daja & Sandry & Tris. AO3. 2011.

At one point, Briar took it upon himself to teach each of his foster-sisters how to lie.

solace, in three parts by ellida. Gen. Briar & Daja & Sandry & Tris. H/C. AO3. 2021.

Helping in the infirmary isn’t quite enough to keep Tris’s ghosts at bay after fighting off the pirate attack. That’s where her foster siblings come in.

The Adventure Zone


hold me close when it's over by stonestars. Hurley/Sloane. Romance. AO3. 2018.

When the last remnants of their fight clear up and they find themselves in the middle of the Goldcliff city center, there’s only one thing Sloane can think to do to save Hurley from the silverpoint poison that is creeping through her veins. As the energy of the spell envelopes them, Sloane leans down and kisses Hurley one last time.

The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself

a sympathy is loud, however by eneiryu. Nabrielise & Ceelia. AO3. 2022.

"Go, go," Ceelia orders, and watches them leave. She watches them come back, too.

he don't suffer my mistakes by stenoscope. Nabrielise. AO3. 2023.

Nathan eats the heart. More comes after.

house plants and sun-drenched balconies by Bundibird. Nabrielise. AO3. 2022.

They go to Paris, in the end.

The Dark is Rising

Magic Yet in The World by Pontmercyingtilthecowscomehome. Gen. AO3. 2018.

Jane goes off to college but the dreams-that-are-memories follow her.

Selfishness by grainjew. Gen. Bran & Will. AO3. 2016.

Because Bran is still the Pendragon, despite everything, and Will is by his own estimates entirely too human.


Chronicles of Narnia

Sheathed Claws by Ghostinthehouse. Gen. AO3. 2019.

A conversation in passing gives Will hope.

The End of the Fucking World

it seems like there's no outside world beyond these four walls by runawaymax. Alyssa/James. AO3. 2018.

Alyssa's surreally without James, in a police station.

we'll order two bowls of chili by holsmi. Alyssa/James. AO3. 2020.

“Do you want to get married?” Alyssa asked. She heard James put his book down. "Ok," he said.

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Beginnings by neepynoodles. Gen. AO3, UL. 2020.

Each of them have their own red that they paint across the zones, the colour of their rebellion and fight against BL/ind. or: how they found their family in each other.

Ephemera by ResidentHesitant. Gen. Angst. AO3. 2016.

She sees him again, maybe five years later, on a dusty road in Zone 2. She has to shake her head and remind herself of what happened. The Fabulous Killjoys are dead.

Goodnight by penniesforthoughts. Gen. AO3. 2021.

The girl leaves the masks of the dead at the mailbox.

Just Keep Running by nyehehz. Gen. AO3. 2017.

Korse leaned down, mouth to their ear, grin wide, and whispered one last sentence. “You should’ve kept running.” Kobra turned to face them right as he pulled the trigger.

Killjoys Never Die, Except When They Do by venomroses. Gen. Val & Volume. Angst. AO3. 2021.

Killjoys never die. That's the slogan written everywhere he looks. He can't read very well, but he could easily recognize those words. They used to mean something, but now they were simply three words strung together and for what? Killjoys do die. Anyone who’s been in the desert longer than a week knows that.

Maggot by pansiesforthoughts. Gen. Angst. AO3. 2021.

After the deaths of the Fabulous Four, Cherri Cola considers the meaning of words and human mortality.

Radio // Graffiti by neepynoodles. Gen. Angst. AO3, UL. 2020.

In the desert, art is one of the most common forms of coping with grief and loss.

Umbrella Academy

i tiresias (have foresuffered all) by ThatWeirdGuyInTheBushes. Podfic by cutflower_sound. Gen. Dolores/Five. Angst. AO3. 2020.

Five misses sharing his birthday, but Five has missed a lot of things. alternatively; number five, coffee, and the art of taking back.

Still Feel by MintChocolateLeaves. Gen. Ben & Diego & Klaus. 2019.

Diego says, “Not that crap Klaus. Why’re we in a fucking jail cell?”


Doctor Who

run, boy, run (the Umbrella Effect) by Ford_Ye_Fiji. Gen. Eleven (Doctor) & Five (UA). Adventure. AO3. 2022.

Two unlikely allies, familiar in more ways than they can imagine, join forces in a series of happy accidents. And then things get really complicated very fast.

Wayward Children

Every Heart A Doorway

Knowing by Emjen_Enla. Gen. Jack & Jill. AO3, UL. 2021.

Jack had known. Deep down inside, in the depths of their heart, they’d known this would be where it would end.

Once Upon A Time by WordObsessed. Gen. Kade & Nancy. AO3. 2020.

Kade did not know if he loved Nancy.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones

entr'actes by Lilith. Alexis/Jack. Romance. AO3. 2020.

When home is a horror movie world, happily ever after isn’t really part of the package; happily in-between, within the pauses in the tale, are where life is lived and where peace can be found.

Welcome to Night Vale

Blue Moon by Perelka_L. Cecilos. AO3. 2013.

Cecil woke up and knew he was the God of Night. Sometimes he remembers it. Rarely, but he does and then he forgets about this one person to whom he offered his human heart.

i can barely hear myself think most days by inkteacup. Gen. Cecilos. AO3, UL. 2017.

Sometimes he is one version of himself and then again, he is the other.


Friends. (Not necessarily close.)

Multiple Recs.

AO3, FFN, LJ (LiveJournal), SL (Silverlake), TB (Tumblr), WB (Wayback Machine), UL (user-locked).

XM - sexless/genderless presenting male.

QP - queerplatonic.

N - non-canon.

U - unrequited.

C - canon.

Q - quasicanon.

E - canon exes.


  • Alexmis - Alex Rider/Artemis Fowl II. M/M. N.
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  • Destiel - Castiel/Dean Winchester. XM/M. U.
  • Dinluke - Din Djarin/Luke Skywalker. M/M. N.
  • Drarry - Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter. M/M. N.
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  • Willex - Willie/Alex Mercer. M/M. C/Q.